High quality 98% sulfuric acid H2SO4 for industry

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Sulfuric acid H2SO4 – is a highly corrosive strong mineral acid. It is a pungent-ethereal, colorless to slightly yellow viscous liquid which is soluble in water at all concentrations.



Classification CAS No Andre navne MF EINECS No Oprindelsessted Grade Standard Purity Appearance
Svovlsyre 7664-93-9 7664-93-9 H2SO4 231-639-5 Kina Electron Grade, Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade 98% colorless oily liquid
Ansøgning Mærke navn Hazard category UN number Form Forsyningsevne Emballage & Levering Ledetid Quantity(Tons)
Industrial use, etc. RIBO 8 1830 Transparent liquid 1000 Ton / ton pr. Måned Havn、Tianjin Est. Time(days) 15 To be negotiated 1 – 25 >25

Molecular formula: H2SO4 · CAS number: 7664-93-9 · EINECS Nej.: 231-329-5 · Hazard category: 8 · UN number: 1830 · Concentration: 98% · Form: transparent liquid · Level: industrial grade, battery grade, reagent grade · Ansøgning: Used in chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, medicine, plastic, dye, petroleum refining, etc.



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