Expansive mortar is a soundless, safe and non-explosive demolition agent.

  1. Salient Features:
  • Expansive mortar is a soundless, safe and non-explosive demolition agent.
  • Stone Cracking Powder—-An efficient solution in quarrying. It can also be used to achieve the perfect slabs and blocks from onyx, marble, granite, or any other type of stone.
  • As non-explosive, soundless and safe demolition agent, it provides the most technically suitable, environmental friendly and cost-effective alternative solution in dimensional stone application.
  • This product is a new kind of static, chemical non blasting agents.
  • It is used for decreasing waste of resource in mining stones such as marble, granite and so on. It is also suitable to dig or destroy several of reinforced concrete buildings.
  • 2. Product performance

    This product is nonpoisonous, tasteless, silent, which is chiefly made of aluminum acid calcium, silicates, cement, and slow coagulant.


    According to the different temperatures, such as mining stone, destroy reinforced concrete, the produce is divided into three types. Be cautious while choosing correct type of expansive mortar, as they should be used appropriately.

    Types: Range of temperatures
    Rock (reinforced concrete)-I 25℃ -40℃
    Rock (reinforced concrete)-II 10℃ -25℃
    Rock (reinforced concrete)-III 0℃ -15℃



    4. Process
    • First drill a hole in the blasted object.
    • Second, pour some of the produce into the bucket with water, the proportion of water and supplies is 1:3, and then stir it into a paste.
    • Third, slowly pour it down the hole and fill it with the lid uncovered.
    • Fourth, about eight hours later, the object blast. whatever time you can choose as required.
    • The process in short: drilling-stirring-pouring-blasting
    5. Diameter

    The diameter of drilling has a great effect on the explosion, so if it is too small, it will not explode well. On the contrary, if it is too big, it will be easily too strong. A bit with a diameter of 28-40mm is better.

    1. Depth: about 80%-90% of the blasted object
    2. Diameter: more than 28mm
    3. Pitch-row: 30-50cm for reinforced concrete

    • 10-15cm for marble
    • 5-10cm for granite
    1. The amount of the power of blasting is about 6-20 kilos per cubic meter. Here are the amounts:
    Depth (mm) Diameter(M) Amount (kg) Proportion of water and power(%)
    30 1 1.0-1.1 10-33
    35 1 1.3-1.4 10-33
    38-40 1 1.6-1.8 10-33
    45 1 2.2-2.3 10-33
    50 1 2.9-3.0 10-33
    55 1 3.3-3.5 10-33


Post time: 2020-07-06