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The company’s Guilin Ribo Industry co high-efficiency static crushing agent was developed and invented by my company, The first domestic production of rotary kiln . The company produces high-efficiency expansion agent with large expansion in winter, no punching in summer, and stable quality. It can also be manufactured according to the local temperature of the site used by customers. The expansion pressure of one day is more than 55 Mpa, and that of two days is more than 90 Mpa. The crushing agent on the market now is produced by the lime head produced by the shaft kiln.The lime heads produced by shaft kilns has low free calcium oxide, small expansion force and very unstable quality. The market of this product has taken a new step in the expansive agent industry. If you are afraid of not knowing the goods, you are afraid of comparing the goods with the goods.

The company’s expansion agent clinker is the first choice for concrete expansion agent and anti-crack sand slurry, waterproof sand slurry, anti-crack mortar and anti- leakage mortar added 2% to 3% of our expansion clinker is completely watertight, but also the production of concrete expansion agent preferred masterbatch, large expansion ripening force, adding 35% clinker can reach a type of 3 parts of the expansion force; Adding 45% clinker can reach the expansion force of 5 parts of type 2, stable quality,  and has been widely used in the concrete expansion agent industry and sand industry.

A large warehouse of 180 square meters, lt is convenient to help customers storegoods。

Sanshun  HSCA  is developed  by China  Building  Materials

Academy and manufactured by burning the mixture of special clinker and some additives in a rotary kiln at high temperature. It is an effective and safe cracking agent which can be used to demolish concrete buildings and mine marbles and granites. Mix the HSCA product with water and then fill the slurry into the holes in the rocks or concrete. In 2 to 3 hours, the cracking or cutting process will start, without causing any vibration, noise, rock blasting or harmful gases. This product has been widely used in many fields  over the past a few decades and is exported to some  other  countries.

Product And Package

The weight of each package is 20kg, with 4 packets, and each packet weighs 5kg. 

Please store the product in a dry environment. The product with package sealed can be stored in a dry environment for one year.

Packing workshop
expansive mortar stock in wearhouse
Expansive mortar loding

How to Use

Drill hole design

Surface preparation


Filling of the holes


Who We Are

Guilin Ribo Industry co., ltd has a core production base in Guangxi Province and Guangdong Province in China, and cooperates with brother foundries. We have established a “production and supply alliance organization” with many brother foundries. We can supply the most cost-effective solutions and ways of working for our customers with different needs. Whether you are a distributor, an end customer, or a machine manufacturer, we can best solve your special needs, which is why we have been standing here.

Customer Service

With a focus on products performance development, customized solution has always been an optimized option for our customers including global distinguished mining companies and reputed manufacturers

Customer site visits, both before & after sales

Technical proposal in response to the customer specific requirements

Technical support for the product applications

Seeking customer’s feedback for continued improvement

More then 10+ year producing experience, strict quality control in each step.


IMPORTANT! Before start, be sure wearing protective goggles and rubber gloves, measure holetemperature before fifilling.

#The temperature in the hole should not exceed the temperature of the expander

1.Distance between holes and rows, based on hole diameter:

If you want to replace 34 bit or above, please contact our factory,

70mm diameter bit: hole distance 70CM, row distance 1.5M-2M

50mm diameter bit: hole distance 40CM, row distance 1.2M

38mm diameter bit: hole distance 40CM, row distance 60CM

34mm diameter bit: hole distance 20CM,row distance 40CM

Drill holes, for instance 34/40mm bit: hole distance 20-50CM (based on the condition of stone or concrete),row distance

40-60CM, depth of hole depends on the breaking material’s thickness, but with minimum depth30CM, materials being break

should have at least one free face, hole direction should be as parallel as it can beto the free face.

2Powder and water mixture:

Standard packing with One 20KG carton, inside 4x5kg small plastic bags.

Recommended mixture is each bag(5kg) powder mix with 1.2KG water, based on the environmenttemperature and hole

temperature/diameter, this can adjust accordingly.

3.Operating Procedure:

Step 1: Before drilling, measure hole temperature before sunset, because the temperature before sunsetdecides drilling

holes with which size of drilling bit.

Step 2: Drill holes, select right size bit according to the measured temperature.

Step 3: Filing time is around sunset time before when it’s dark. Mix powder and water with the recommendedpercentage,

stir until it’s completely mixed to thick liquid, pump into holes slowly.During all proceduresprotective eye goggles and gloves must

be worn all the tlme. Do not look rlght at the holes at least 4 hours afterpumping,in case there’s blow out.

Step 4: After Filing , must take care of rain proof, to prevent any rainwater goes into holes, or there willbe no

reactlon.Cracking powder is most afrald of raln, when it’s too much water, it wll affffect the reactlon, sowaterproof is very important.


if it gets into your eyes accidentally, please immediately wash your eyes with clean water for minimum 5minutes.

Remember, if go to hospitals fifirst, it will burn your eyes. Protective gears rmust be worn all the time, because even took care of

temperature/mixture, if a hole’s leaking water, it willblow out!