Operation of silent expansion agent for daily use

Operation of silent expansion agent for daily use

The temperature is getting higher and higher, and due to improper operation, it is highly probable that the expansion agent will operate at high temperatures. The solution is as follows:

1. Select a suitable temperature type expansion agent according to the temperature of the construction site.

2. Holes above 50mm increase the possibility of injection

3. It is possible to spray holes that are too shallow. The hole depth is at least 80 cm and the hole depth is no more than 4 m.

4. If the object in the hole is water-absorbent, the silent expansion agent will heat up too quickly, which may increase the possibility of spraying.

5. If the site temperature exceeds the product temperature, please use it at night or early morning.

6. First install water, then put in the silent expansion agent powder, and should be fully stirred to avoid agglomeration

7. Do not stir more than 10 kg at a time to avoid agglomeration caused by shotcrete

8. After stirring the slurry, it must be poured into the wells within 5 minutes.

However, in daily use, there are still some things that need to pay attention to the storage and storage of silent expansion agents, which is very important. The product must come wet and not rain. Keep this in mind and strictly enforce it in everyday use.

Post time: 2019-09-21