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Non explosive demolition agent
Ribo crack expansive mortar woven bag package
High range soundless cracking agent
Non explosive demolition agent
Ribo crack expansive mortar woven bag package
High range soundless cracking agent

Soundless Expansive Mortar

CAS No.: SCA-1/2/3Other Names: Soundless Non-explosive Cracking Agent

MF: Soundless Explosive Mortar

Place of Origin:GUANGXI, CHINA (Mainland)

Application: Used for breaking, cutting or demolishing

Brand Name: RIBO – CRACK

Use: Stone quarry and construction


Soundless Expansive Mortar

Soundless Expansive Mortar is a kind of high expansive powdery material, which has been formulated by calcinating and grinding the oxides like Ca, Si, Al, etc.mixed with water will turn into a pulpous state, and after being filled into the drill holes for a moment, it can crack the concrete constructions and rocks without vibration, noise and toxic gases.

Ribo Crack expansive mortar woven bag package


Soundless Expansive Mortar Package and Delivery

Package Details: 1. Powder by inner plastic bags, 5kg / bag, 20 kg / carton, one ton / wooden pallet.

                               2. Powder by inner plastic bags, 5kg / bag, 20 kg / bucket.

Delivery: Shipped by sea within 20 days after receiving the deposit.

Expansive mortar package by bucket packing


Soundless Expansive Mortar Applications

1: Reinforced Concrete Demolition & Cutting

In demolition, concrete cutting & excavating industry, Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent helps you to break reinforced concrete and rock into chunks, so you may easily cut off rebar, haul it away with a crane or truck without damage remaining part.

2: Rock Breaking & Excavation

In mining and quarrying industry, Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent helps to achieve perfect slabs and blocks from limestone, onyx, marble, granite or any other type of stone you are working with. Compares to blasting, Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent avoids waste of valuable stone, high insurance, costly storage and labor.

3: Stone Quarrying & Dimension

Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent can also be applied along with traditional methods like primer cord, hydraulic breaker, diamond blade saw and jackhammer to help cut cost, work time and increase safety, Plus its silent operation, Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent is perfect for residential, school, hospital and airport area.

Expansive mortar for marble quarry blasting


About Ribo Crack

Guilin Ribo Industry CO.,LTD has a core production base in Guangxi Province and Guangdong Province in China, and cooperates with brother foundries. We have established a “production and supply alliance organization” with many brother foundries. We can supply the most cost-effective solutions and ways of working for our customers with different needs. Whether you are a distributor, an end customer, or a machine manufacturer, we can best solve your special needs, which is why we have been standing here.

Guilin Ribo Industry CO.,LTD has rich experience and qualifications in the production of Expansive Mortar (Soundless cracking agent), Rock drilling tools, Crusher wear parts. Since 2002, we have provided professional production process designs and consulting services for some famous foundries. We have been doing business with customers from more than 40 different countries in the past. We mainly serve stone field, large mine, cement group and scrap metal recycling industry.

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