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Manganese sulfate is a trace element needed for the synthesis of fatty acid crops, so manganese sulfate can be used as fertilizer to enter the soil and increase production. Manganese sulfate is added to animal feed, which has the effect of fattening. Manganese sulfate is also the raw material and analytical reagent for preparing other manganese salts. Manganese sulfate is also used in industrial production of electrolytic manganese, dyestuff, paper and

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Classification Тип № CAS Другие имена MF Место происхождения Grade Standard Purity Appearance
Sulfate Manganese Sulfate 7785-87-7 manganese sulfate MnSO4 HeZhou, Китай Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade 98% Min light pink
заявка Название бренда Номер модели Grade Возможность поставки упаковка & Доставка Normally 25kg/woven bag with PE lining порт Время выполнения заказа :
Industrial grade, food grade, feed grade RIBO 2018-4-26 Industrial Grade 3200 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month Упаковка подробности Custom packing bag or label as customer’s request Guangzhou (huang pu /nansha) Восток. Время(дней) 7 Быть предметом переговоров

Описание продукта

Chemical Name: Manganese sulfate

Molecular Formula: MnSO4·H2O

Molecular Weight: 169.02

Grade: Food, industrial, feed grade

CAS: 7785-87-7


It is a pale pink, granular powder. It is freely soluble in water, but is insoluble in alcohol. Odorless, the relative density is 2.95. It starts loss crystal water when heated higher than 200℃, loss all crystal water when 280℃, and can be salt melt anhydrous when 700℃; Decomposing when 800℃ and will have insoluble back residue called Mn3O4, totally decompose in 1150℃

MnSO4·H2O ≥98% Pb ≤5ppm
Mn ≥31.8% As ≤3ppm
Cd ≤10ppm Hg ≤0.2ppm


упаковка: 25kg/woven bag with PE lining

Storage & Transportation: Stored in a dry and ventilating warehouse. Keeping away from moisture and hot; unloaded with care. Stored separately from poisonous substances.


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