Silent cracking and expansive expansion agent for large area demolition

The scope of products

1. Exploitation of precious rock blocks and stone cutting.

2. Common rock breaking and loosening, large-size shaft, anti-slide pile, hole pile excavation, trench sinking excavation.

3. The demolition of urban buildings, large equipment concrete foundations, water conservancy, roads, bridges, tunnels and other projects require “static breaking” to break the construction. It is necessary to retain the integrity of part of the rock or concrete, and the structural strength requirements must not be broken and demolished without any damage.

4. Under the conditions of unacceptable and unsuitable use of breaking and mechanical breaking construction, concrete works and rock loosening works that need to be demolished.

5. Under-excavation treatment and excavation and support require simultaneous slope treatment.

2. Product performance characteristics

Juli Expansion Agent (also known as: Silent Crushing Agent, Static Crushing Agent, Rock Crushing Agent, Rock Crushing Agent, Expansion Agent) It is a powerful crushing agent, which does not generate vibration, noise, flying stones, dust and toxic gases when crushing objects. Transportation and storage are safe and reliable, and easy to use. The appearance of this product is light gray-white powder powder, and its features are:

1. Expansion is strong.

2. The reaction time can be adjusted according to actual needs, and the general reaction time can be controlled within 10 minutes to 10 hours. The large swelling force can appear within 10 minutes after the reaction.

3. Easy shape control, convenient cutting, and can better control the shape of the crushed body after crushing. If it needs to be broken, it will be broken.

4. The construction is simple and easy to operate. No need, no firing, no professional work. Operator training time is very short.

5. No noise, vibration and flying stones during use (the punching phenomenon is not excluded)

, No toxic gas, no shock wave, no toxic and harmful residues, is a pollution-free environmentally friendly product.

3. Operation steps

Before the operation, first, it should be determined whether the local air temperature, chemical temperature, mixing water temperature, rock temperature, and container temperature meet the requirements. Second, check whether the pharmaceutical packaging is damaged. Third, make sure that the following materials are ready:

1. Pharmacy,

2. Clean mixing water,

3. Bucket, plastic or wooden mixing bowl and water scoop,

4. Poke stick (horizontal filling)

5. Protective glasses,

6. Rubber gloves,

7. Spare clean water and towels.

1 Design hole pattern

Before cloth eyes, make sure that there is at least one free surface (free surface)

The drilling direction should be as parallel as possible to the free surface (free surface).

When cutting rock or concrete, the same row of drill holes should be kept on a plane as much as possible. The more the unit, the greater the amount of rock broken per unit, and the higher the economic benefit.

The size of the hole spacing and row spacing is directly related to the hardness and strength of the mining object.

Post time: 2020-06-28