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  • 对于露天结构的破碎

1.For structural demolition work over ground:

  1. 每5公斤HSCA混合5-1.7升水用机械搅拌
  2. a) 1.5 to 1.7 liters of water per 5 kg powder , mechanical mix is much better.
  3. 孔的直径32毫米,34毫米最大36毫米
  4. b) hole diameter could be 32mm,,,34mm or 36mm max.
  5. 孔的深度80厘米..最大160厘米
  6. c) depth of hole 80cm,,,160cm max.
  7. 根据岩石的结构和岩石的自由面确定孔间距20厘米,30厘米或者40厘米
  8. d) distance between holes could be 20cm,,30cm or 40cm depending on type of rock and number of free face.

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