Using Ribo-crack®

HOW DO YOU USE Ribo-crack®?

Ribo-crack® is a Non-explosive, Non Toxic Chemical Demolition Agent that safely and silently cracks rocks and concrete in three easy steps: Drill, Mix, Pour.


First measure the temperature of the jobsite, demolition agent, water, stone/concrete and container to ensure temperatures are in accordance with compliance requirements.


Note: Do not exceed 50mm diameter drill size



Note: If there is any personal injury or possession loss caused by disobeying the instructions, our company doesn’t take any economic and legal responsibilities

WHO CAN USE Ribo-crack®?

Anyone can use it, in any situations, because Ribo-crack® is perfectly safe, soundless and non-hazardous.
It does not leave debris or dust, nor does it form gas or cause any shock waves.
Unlike explosives, no permit is required to use Ribo-crack® Unskilled labour can be very easily trained to use Ribo-crack® in a short time.
Demolition or cutting operations using Ribo-crack® can be interrupted at any time; simply remove the product from the hole by boring another hole into the existing one.

ANY TIPS ON HOW TO USE Ribo-crack® ?

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