What are the points to be aware of static pulverizers?

What are the points to be aware of static pulverizers?

(1) Starting from the rock-breaking mechanism, a high-performance static breaker suitable for underground coal mines was developed to make its operation, reaction time, pressure and release process meet the requirements.

(2) Development and improvement of crushing and grouting equipment.

(3) Improve drilling construction technology and improve drilling equipment according to the specific requirements of construction.

(4) The circuit breaker is not a dangerous item. Therefore, in the purchase, transportation, storage, use, without any restrictions.

(5) The construction process is safe. Explosives do not generate vibration, air shock waves, flying stones, noise, toxic gases and dust.

(6) The structure is simple. When the crushing agent is mixed with water, it can be poured into the blasthole without clogging; no professional work is required.

(7) If it needs to be broken, it will be broken. On request, appropriate parameters can be designed to achieve the purpose of systematically segmenting and cutting rock and concrete.

Post time: 2019-09-21